Station 6

What type of tracheostomy tube is this? (Marks -1)

Cuffed trachestomy tube

What type of tracheostomy tube is this? (Marks – 1)

Uncuffed, fenestrated tube

What type of tupe is usually placed first (1 or 2) and why? (Marks – 2)

Tube 1: Cuffed Tube

The cuff, whilst inflated is good for protecting airway from blood and secretions

What can someone with tube 2 do that someone with tube 1 may not be able to? (Marks – 1)


The fenestrations allow air to pass into the oropharynx.

Give 5 indications for tracheostomy placement. (Marks – 5)

Use the surgical sieve here:


    1. Infection – supraglotitis, deep space neck indection

    2. Trauma- laryngeal / major neck blunt or penetrating

    3. Iatrogenic – before radiotherapy or during malignancy investigations

    4. Neoplastic

Describe where you would place the incision for a surgical tracheostomy. (Marks – 4)

You would place a horizontral incision between the medial borders of the sternocleidomastoid muscles. It should be placed halfway between the suprasternal notch and the cricoid cartilage.

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