Station 4

Name the instrument and what is it used for. (Marks -3)

St Claire Thompson adenoid curette, used toperform an adenoidectomy. 

Can you explain the reasons for the different sizes? (marks – 1)


Used in different ages/sizes of child

List 3 alternatives for the procedure you named in question 1. (Marks – 3)

Coblation/suction monopolor/radenoid blade 

Can you describe Grisel’s Syndrome? (marks -2)

Post operative inflammation of the post nasal space causing the antlanto-axial joint to sublux. This is seen when excessive thermal energy is applied during adenoidectomy.

What are the other complications of the procedure named in question 1? (marks -4)

Pain, infection, bleeding, change in voice, damage to teeth/lips/gums/jaw/tongue, failure of procedure to improve symptoms.

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