Station 3

Look at the images below and answer the questions that follow.






Which procedure requires all of the above instruments? (Marks – 1 )


Name instrument E What is it used for? Give an alternative instrument (Marks -3 )


  • Dennis Brown tonsil holding forceps, this is used for holding / retracting  the tonsil. 
  • An alternative instrument is Lucs tonsil holding forceps.

Give the nationally agreed indications for the answer to question 1. (Marks – 3 )

SIGN criteria:

  • 7 episodes of tonsillitis per year
  • 5 episodes every year for 2 consecutive years
  • 3 episodes of tonsillitis every year for 3 consecutive years

What are the complications of the stated procedure? (Marks – 5)

Pain, infection, bleeding, return to theatre, numb tongue, trauma to teeth/lips/gums/jaw/tongue

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SIGN Guidelines:


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