Station 18


Look at the image below and answer the following questions. 

What device is seen in this picture? (marks 1)

Behind the ear hearing aid

What are the arrows labelled A-E referring to? (marks 5)

A) Ear mould

B) Can get marks for any of – ear hook, connecting tube or thin tube. 

C) Battery compartment

D) Volume controls

E) Pull line

Give 3 other types of hearing aid (3 marks)

There are many types of hearing aid. Other types include – CROS, body worn, and bone anchored.

Name the components of a bone anchored hearing aid. (2 marks)

There are two main components. The first is the internal component – the titanium abutment. This is screwed into the head. After osseointegration is complete a sound processor can be attached. 

Define osseointegration (2 marks)

“A direct connection between living bone and a load-carrying endosseous implant at the light microscopic level.”

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