Station 17

Look at the images of different hearing aids below (A-E) and answer the following questions






Name the types of hearing prosthesis in images A-E (5 marks)

    1. Bone anchored hearing aid
    2. In the canal hearing aid
    3. Body worn hearing aid
    4. Cochlear implant
    5. Behind the ear hearing aid

Which of these is most useful, in the following circumstances (1 mark each) A) Asymptomatic bilateral presbycusis B) Bilateral profound hearing loss due to Gentamicin injection C)Discharging mastoid cavity with significant air bone gap

    1. E
    2. D
    3. A

Define “osseointegration” (2 marks)

“A direct connection between living bone and a load-carrying endosseous implant at the light microscopic level.”


Give 4 complications of BAHA insertion. (4 marks)

Infection, bleeding, overgranulation, loss of osseointegration, scar, need further surgery, reaction to local anaesthetic


Quote above – Branemark PI. USA: Quintessence Books; 2005. The Osseointegration Book – From Calvarium to Calcaneus; p. 24.

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