Station 10

Look at the picture below and answer the following questions.

Name the item in the above image and state what it is used for within an ENT department. (Marks -2)

This is a button battery – used for powering hearing aids. 

Give three situations where this may be the cause of an ENT emergency. (Marks – 2 )

  1. Foreign body ear
  2. Foreign body nose
  3. Foreign body throat

If you X-ray a patient with the above emergencies what sign will you likely see? (marks 1)

Halo sign

How urgently should these be removed and why? (1 mark)

As soon as possible. Battery acid can leak out and quite significantly damage the surrounding structures

Give 4 pieces of equipment required to remove this from an oesophagus (4 marks)

  1. Oesophagoscope
  2. Mouth guard 
  3. Wet swab 
  4. Light lead 
  5. Lubricant 
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