Station 1

Look at the images below and answer the questions that follow. 









List 3 items used in the management of epistaxis

Any 3 of A, B, C, H

What must be asked before using A? List 2 alternatives to this in such situations.

You must ask whether the patient or family members have a peanut allergy. 

Naseptin nasal cream contains peanut oil. 

The alternatives include: Bactroban cream or vaseline. 

Name 3 types of anterior nasal packs.

Any 3 of the following: merocel, rapid rhino, ribbon gauze, BIPP, nasopore

What may C be used for and what else is needed for this to succeed?

This is a foley catheter and can be used in the management of posterior epistaxis.

You require these items in addition; gauze swab, 10 ml syringe, sterile water, umbilical clip, tape, lubricant, tongue depressor, rapid rhino, BIPP, ribbon gauze.

(1 mark each to maximum of 4 marks)

List 3 complications of chemical cautery.

Any 3 of: infection, bleeding, septal perforation, numbness of teeth/lips or tip of the nose. 

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