Required documentation

Required documentation

You will need quite a lot of documentation for the day. The 2 most important bits are your:

  1. Eligibility folder: All the documents that show you are able to work as a doctor and in the UK
  2. Evidence folder: essentially your portfolio. Contains all the documents that prove that you have achieved what you scored in your application, plus all the extra achievements during your career. This will form the basis of the discussion in Station 1

Note: The portfolio here has a much lesser relevance than the surgical portfolio

Guidance on which documents you need and how to organise these is very clearly laid out in the ST3 recruitment website (


  1. Start early! You will need to look for the audits you did in FY1 that will probably be lost in some forgotten folder in your laptop. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to find all of these and print them.
  2. Keep it organised. Interviewers have only a few minutes to look through.
  3. Make the most important feats salient. Don’t hide your JAMA publication at the back if you have one. Make sure the most important achievements have no chance of being missed.
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