Other questions

  1. What are your weaknesses/strengths?
  • Very challenging question and the key is to not be too negative nor too positive.
  • Try to think about 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses
  • Get an example that demonstrates each of these
  • For your weaknesses, then think about what you did to learn from your mistakes, and maybe even an example of another time when you demonstrated your improvement.
  • Don’t choose a weakness that makes you unable to perform as a registrar (“I am unable to manage a small team of 4-5 people” – you absolutely need to be able to do this as a registrar, such as during an acute medical take, or leading a ward round and managing a day’s work with your Fys/CMTs)
  • For strengths, don’t cut yourself short. If you feel you are good at something then say it and use an example to back it up.
  • Example answer for a weakness:
    • I feel that one of my weaknesses is my difficulty in maintaining focus during periods of prolong stress, such as a night shift. For example, during a night shift when I started as a CMT/IMT, I found myself making prescribing errors and overlooking some jobs that I wouldn’t find myself doing during a day on-call, such as when I prescribed double the dose of an antibiotic to a patient, only to be informed of this by the nurse looking after them. Once I realised this, I made sure I took frequent rest periods during my on-calls and made an effort to double check all I did to minimise the risk of mistakes”
  • Example answer for  strength:
    • I feel that one of my strengths is my ability to prioritise work within a team. During my time in attachment B, I was usually the most senior doctor on the ward for most of the day which meant I had to organise the workload to make sure we finished all our jobs by the end of the day when the registrar came back to confer on everything. I started by doing A, then I divided jobs according to B and C, and then by lunchtime we did D. In the end, we managed to always leave work on time with all the important jobs completed”
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