About the interview

About the interview 

You have applied to the specialty and have been shortlisted (hooray!). The hardest part is now, the interview.

There are four questions, with two interviewers in each station, usually with a lay person present to ensure equity between interviews.

The interview will be done online. It is not clear when they will get back to being in person. There will be four questions asked of you by two interviewers. You will have ten minutes for question 1 and 2, and five minutes for questions 3 and 4.

  • Question 1 – Clinical scenario: This question will test your communication skills as well as your clinical knowledge in resolving the scenario. 
  • Question 2 – Medical Registrar Suitability: Focuses on more “soft skills” of how you work as a medical registrar within a team.
  • Question 3 – Application & Training: Here your portfolio will be reviewed, and your achievements and training career will be explored.
  • Question 4 – Suitability & Commitment: In this question you will be asked about what you have done that demonstrates specifically that you want to do Respiratory Medicine, and how those achievements have prepared you to start specialty training.

The interviewers are all Respiratory consultants who spend a whole afternoon off work conducting the interviews. Interviewers want to know about you as a person, as much as your clinical skills. They want to know you will be a “safe” registrar to have working under them. They do not expect you to know everything about Respiratory medicine by the time you finish IMT/IMT-level training, but they do expect you to know when to call for help whilst not depending on them for every little thing. Remember, they are interviewing you to work in Respiratory as well as working as a Registrar.

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