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Radiology ST1

National Recruitment – Specialty Training

Recruitment into the highly competitive clinical radiology run-through speciality training program is organized nationally on an annual basis. Currently the application process is managed by HEE London and South East Recruitment.

In order to get into the ST1 Radiology training programme you must take part in the following:

  • Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA)
  • ST1 Interview

The Radiology ST1 course on Mediguru has been designed and written by first-time successful trainees. Upon subscription you will have immediate access to our comprehensive revision material until the upcoming interview process is finished.

Our resource comprises of:

  1. Access to over 100 fully worked questions and answers – formulated by our 1st-time successful candidates.
  2. Comprehensive guidance on how to prepare for each aspect of the application process.
  3. Advice on how to maximise performance in the SRA
  4. Detailed help on preparing and maximising points in the portfolio station
  5. An overview of how to approach the commitment to specialty station

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