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The MRCS (ENT) OSCE, previously known as the Diploma in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (DOHNS) part 2 examination, is an intercollegiate examination, which tests the knowledge, clinical skills, communication and professional attributes that would be expected of a doctor joining an otolaryngology department in a trainee position. 

Candidates who have passed both MRCS part A and the MRCS(ENT) OSCE are eligible for the award of MRCS(ENT).

As of September 2021, DOHNS part 1 has been discontinued, however, those who also pass the MRCS(ENT) OSCE, are eligible for the award of DOHNS.

This course focuses on the MRCS(ENT) OSCE which consists of 28 active stations. This is usually split into 5 manned stations and 23 unmanned stations, each lasting 7 minutes.

From October 2020, the unmanned stations will be delivered remotely online.

Our comprehensive course provides over 146 stations covering all aspects to help you pass the examination.


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