About Us

Our Story

Originally we started as ENT Interview Guru, the original and only available ENT ST3 interview online revision resource. From our positive feedback, we subsequently developed CST Interview Guru to help those applying for the core surgical training. We have continued to expand recently launching our DOHNS course support with many others currently under development to help those who may be applying for other specialities.

Our Mission

MediGuru is an online medical education resource with courses designed and aimed to help junior doctors pass their examinations and interviews for their training posts. The aim of our courses are to demystify the application processes for interviews and examinations, share our experiences and to provide a comprehensive online revision resource. Our online resource is written by a team of doctors, who were high ranking candidates who have passed the examinations and the interviews, along with experts in the field. We aim to provide you with a wealth of information and the greatest number of relevant practice scenarios and stations to help you with your revision process, so that you would only need one online resource to revise.

What Our Students Have to Say

"ENT Guru really helped me to structure my learning for each station. The sample questions are very similar to the interview itself and the answers help to guide revision."
"Practising how to answer questions related to scenarios is one of the most important aspects of preparation for the national selection. ENT guru provides plenty of common scenarios as well as example answers. This is a highly useful resource and helped me to obtain a National Training Number."
"A massive help to secure a CST number! Thanks!"
"Very helpful in encouraging a structured response so that even if you haven't covered that question, you can provide a sensible answer."
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